Outdoor Furniture that Works Indoors

Indoor Hammock - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Furniture that Works Indoors

With summer upon us you might be decking out your outdoor area with a few bits and pieces to make your guests feel comfortable. There’s some fantastic outdoor furniture to choose from, many of which look great indoors too…


There’s nothing quite like looking up at the sky, swaying back and forth on a hammock. Traditionally, hammocks are kept outside. But, homeowners are bringing this piece of outdoor furniture indoors. And it works!

Indoor Hammock - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

Hanging Chairs

Probably one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor furniture is the hanging chair. It seems to work in every room. Placed in front of the fireplace, beside your bed or in the lounge room. They come in all shapes and sizes. Mostly large and egg like but some are designed to take up less space and kept simple.

Outdoor Furniture that works indoors - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

Polished Concrete Tables

Concrete is commonly used as a material for outdoor furniture for its durability, strength and weather resistance. But polished concrete looks incredible indoors too! Kitchen bench tops, flooring, tables and seats are just some places you’ll find polished concrete in the home. The material works well if you’re trying to get that industrial look indoors, but can also be toned down with the right surrounding colours and decor. This coffee table is one of our custom made furniture pieces. It was created using reclaimed jetty timber. The contrast of the timber and concrete looks amazing indoors! If you’re looking for  a custom made piece of furniture for your home you can contact me here.

Concrete and Timber Coffee Table or Bench

Concrete Seats

These concrete block seats double up nicely as side tables or extra seats. They’re beautifully crafted
using lump aged concrete and CorTen steel. If you’d like to find out more about these custom made seats for your home – get in touch with me.

Custom Outdoor Furniture | Lump Aged Concrete Table and Seats

Traditional Dining Table Outdoors

On the flip side, if you fancy a quirky look, taking some traditional furniture and placing it outdoors looks good too. Head to your local furniture op shop and pick up some mismatched chairs and a table for your outdoor area. Dress up the chairs with some cushions and give the table a lick of paint to bring some colour to your outdoor area. READ: Adding a vintage look to your kitchen.

Traditional Dining Table Outdoors - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

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