Custom Made Furniture

Custom Made Furniture

Rickety tables, wobbly chairs, faded cushions, moudly wicker – all these things might ring a bell if you have furniture in your outdoor area. It’s easy to fall into the trap of getting a cheap patio furniture set but how many times a year do you have to replace it? You want something that can handle all weather conditions, looks good and is built to last…

More and more people are investing in custom made furniture and here’s why…

Custom Made

The main benefit of having custom made furniture is that it’s made especially for you. This means it’s designed and manufactured to suit your style, needs and space. You can spend hours in a furniture store looking to tick all the boxes you have for an outdoor suite but often people don’t find exactly what they want.

Customised Furniture

Polished concrete and reclaimed timber hall or sofa table

One of a Kind

Having furniture custom made means that there is no other piece of furniture like it. A customer is treated as a unique customer rather than one of the masses. It’s a lifestyle choice to buy a piece of furniture that is not only strong and durable, but has been made just for you!

Custom Made Furniture

Reclaimed Jetty Timber Coffee Table


Custom made furniture is not only made to your desires and preferences but built with care by experienced crafts-man or carpenters who use only the best materials.  Reclaimed timber, polished concrete and corten or weathering steel are just some of the materials we use in our custom made furniture. Our building procedures and attention to detail give our furniture a quality finish.

Custom made furniture

Lump aged concrete coffee table and corten cubic seats

Supporting Local Community

We’ve seen more and more people take great pride in supporting the local community. Supporting small and local businesses starts a cycle that has a positive effect on society culture, the environment and the local economy.

Custom made furniture

White polished concrete bench from the Kabu collection

Environmentally Friendly

Typically, furniture designers and carpenters are environmentally conscious and endeavour to only use materials that don’t exhaust the environment. We use salvaged or reclaimed timber in a lot of our custom made furniture, giving our pieces a unique and timeless look with a story to go with it.

Custom made furniture

Reclaimed Jetty Timber Outdoor Bench

Why not save money and buy something cheaper?

As home owners this is something that ofen crosses our minds. The answer is simple. Mass produced items of furniture are generally made with weak materials and constructed for the masses. The lifespan of discount furniture is short and often needs to be replaced as parts of the furniture come apart. Custom made furniture is something that becomes a special part of your home that can be passed down for generations. It lasts that long!

Take a look at some of our custom made furniture on our Showcase page or on our Houzz Furniture project page. See something you like? Leave a comment with your favourite custom made piece!

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