Add Vintage to a Modern Kitchen

Adding vintage to your modern kitchen - chairs

Add Vintage to a Modern Kitchen

Adding Vintage to a Modern Kitchen

Having a modern kitchen with a vintage flare is both charming and unique and can reflect a beautiful minimalist style in your home. We all work so hard to make our homes as modern as we can, only to then see loads of amazing vintage styles, products and knick knacks come on the market. It’s hard to keep up with it all but why not do both?! Here are some ideas and tips to help you add vintage to a modern kitchen.

1. Chairing is caring

The best thing about this is that it’s not only easy to do but it’s cost effective and fun! You can pick up old chairs from just about any recyclable furniture or antique store or if you’re lucky and enjoy a hunt you could even just get out and about on hard rubbish days and get creative with upcycling. Aside from looking awesome and stylish adding ‘old school’ chairs actually means you’re buying a good quality piece of furniture that is built to last at a more cost effective price than buying from a large chain.

Adding vintage to a modern kitchen - table

2. Pull out the stops with a table top

On the flip side you could stick with modern chairs but add vintage to a modern kitchen with an old table. The benefits of this would be much the same – cost effective and a solid piece of furniture to own that adds the vintage style. As far as which one to go with (chairs versus table) we’d reccomend spending on the chairs as you want something comfortable for your guests.

Adding vintage to a modern kitchen - table

3. Crockery

If you want to keep your kitchen modern and with some secret vintage, crockery is a great way to do this. You can keep the vintage touch packed away and bring it out when you’re ready to add vintage it. Vintage crockery can be picked up but flee markets, charity stores or online. The Brighton Market or Port Adelaide Market for instance is a good local spots to pick up some treasures. Keep an eye out for white basis with floral prints, dashes of gold and pastel colours. All very vintage. Good news is – they don’t need to match so no need to commit to a set.

Adding vintage to a modern kitchen - crockery

4. Embrace the clutter!

This tip isn’t for everyone but one way you can add vintage to a modern kitchen is to make cluttered mismatched corners. If you don’t want to commit to vintage across your whole kitchen, just focus on a corner where you can store your vintage crockery and a few other vintage items like a scale, jars or storage cans.

Adding vintage to your modern kitchen - clutter

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5. The Post its with the mostists 

Another super way to add a dash of vintage is with a vintage poster. You can keep a modern poster frame or times your vintage by two and add a vintage frame which you can also pick up from a antique shop, market or upcycle it yourself!

Adding vintage to a modern kitchen - posters

Photo cred: Pinterest

If you’re into the idea of using recycled or upcycled materials in your home check out this post on the benefits of using reclaimed timber. Thanks for reading! And don’t be shy – if you liked it – share it :)

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