DIY Outdoor Area Ideas

DIY Outdoor Area Ideas - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

DIY Outdoor Area Ideas

We love finding affordable DIY ways to upgrade your outdoor area. If you’ve got the space but don’t have the budget, this blog is for you! Here are some DIY outdoor area ideas to turn your outdoor area into a space you want to be.

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Pallet day bed

Timber pallets are an absolute Godsend! They are versatile and can be turned in beds, coaches, tables and verticle garden walls. Did we mention they are FREE?! Check out Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace for free pallets to use for your outdoor area

Turn a pallet into an outdoor daybed. You can either stack the pallet beds on top of one another as is or for a more high-end look sand them down, nail them together and paint them. They make a great day bed/seating area for you and your guests. Top the day bed with pillows, cushions and rugs.

TIP: Add wheels to your pallet day bed to move it out the way or to a chase the sun!

DIY Outdoor Area Ideas - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

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Wooden Crate Side Tables

Upcycle old wooden crates into a table, side tables or storage boxes. The beauty of these is that they look great in a rustic style which means you don’t have to sand, paint and/or varnish it if you don’t want to.

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Mason Jar Lights

Grab some fairy lights and place them in some old mason jars to light up your outdoor area. Cost effective and oh so romantic!

DIY Outdoor Area Ideas - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

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Low Maintenance Pot Plants

Decorate your outdoor area with nature’s beauty! Find some low maintenance pot plants or herbs to decorate your outdoor area. Pansies and violas, palms and herbs like mint and Rosemarie are easy to take care of. If you have some leftover pallets you can create a vertical garden wall.

DIY Outdoor Area Ideas | Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

Upcycled Furniture

Got any old furniture you were thinking of throwing out? Dust them off. Give them a wipe and chuck some chalk paint onto them. Chalk paint is brilliant. You don’t need to prime or sand the wood beforehand which is great.

DIY Outdoor Area Ideas | Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

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