Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Tips

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Tips

When it comes to lighting for your outdoor area you need to think about more than just ambiance. Design, style, the right light for preparing food and bug control are just some of the things one needs to consider. We’re here to help! Here are some outdoor kitchen lighting tips…

Task Lighting

A bright light above your preparation or task area is really important. White lighting with a low or high voltage is suitable, although high voltage lighting is better for a range of temperatures. You could go for a simple light fixture on the wall or under your cabinet. OR you can get stylish and choose from a selection of designer task lights, like this one…

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas


We always recommend getting dimmer lighting. Dimmer switch lighting allows you to control the light intensity, which helps set the mood. They’re also good for weather dependent lighting control.


Bug Control

Bugs are attracted to ultraviolet light so having a yellow LED bulb is a good option to keep bugs away! Yellow LED lighting also tends to emit less heat which keeps them away. We recommend yellow LED lighting rather than zapping the poor bugs away!


Quality Stainless Steel

We often hear stories from clients about how they splashed out on an awesome kitchen but then bought budget lighting. Stainless steel is a common material choice for outdoor lights but people don’t always check the grade of the stainless steel , which means, soon enough they have rusty lights. Check the rating before buying stainless steel lights!

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

Rangehood/ Fan Lighting

Most rangehoods these days come with lighting. If it doesn’t – rethink your decision and opt for one that does. The bulb options vary from LED to fluorescent, halogen and incandescent. They’re all effective, but emit different heat temperatures. The colour, quality, lifespan and intensity also vary. Be sure to find out details from your lighting provider.

Outdoor Lighting

Ambiance Lighting

There are so many brilliant ambiance lighting ideas around. Candles, oil lamps, mason jars and fairy lights are just some options that are great for ambiance lighting. Fairy lights should come with a driver or transformer which brings down the voltage. Check that it does before you buy it.


Alternative Lighting

There are an increasing number of light styles and designs and a lot of them are DIY! Light fixtures made from buckets, egg crates and twigs are just some materials you can use to make a unique home made light for your outdoor kitchen. Check out these awesome DIY ideas.

Outdoor Lighting

 Be sure to check the IP rating to ensure your lights are safe!

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