Cosy Outdoor Area

Cosy Outdoor Living Areas - benches

Cosy Outdoor Area

Don’t let Winter get in the way of you enjoying your outdoor area! We’ve whipped up a couple ideas to to inspire a cosy outdoor area in your home…

1. Rug up

Furnish your outdoor furniture with cosy rugs, cushions and warm textured fabrics to create a cosy feel. Think woollen blankies and warm colours like red, brown and burnt orange. Shades of blue work well too!

Cosy Outdoor Living Areas - rug up

2. Park a bench

Bench seating is a great way to create a cuddly feel in your backyard. Benches allow for plenty body heat transfer which helps keep things cosy, but also closes up a space giving it a warmer feel. You could go for a dark bohemian look or a light pastel look depending on your style preference. The boho colours work well through all seasons.

Cosy Outdoor Living Areas - benches

3. Close it off

Adding a temporary ceiling or cover to your outdoor area closes off the space.  This could be a build pergola or a make shift shade cloth. Pick what you like depending on your budget! If you go with the built pergola roses, honeysuckles and jasmine are all lovely flowers to allow to grow on your pergola. Having flowers covering it will also make it cosy.

Cosy Outdoor Living Areas - ceilings

4. Light it up!

Lighting is a super important part of creating ambience in your home. Use fairy lights and/or lanterns to create cosy, dim lighting in your backyard.

Cosy Outdoor Living Areas - lights

5. Sofa – so good

Everyone loves a cuddle on the sofa so of course a sofa will help ‘cosy up’ your outdoor area. The only downside to this is that it needs to be protected from rain otherwise it may get mouldy. You can pick up second hand couches pretty cheap or you can scout for them on hard rubbish days.

Cosy Outdoor Living Areas - sofa

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