Spice Storage Ideas

Spice Storage Ideas - hanging rail

Spice Storage Ideas

We’ve posted a few blogs on how to keep your home and kitchen organised in the past but this week’s blog is all about how to keep your spice rack/storage organised and easily accessible!

1. Suspended Spices

Glue your own empty/unused jars to the the bottom of your cabinets with some glue. The only hassle you might find with this idea is getting the jars to screw on correctly first time. I might take you a couple tried to screw the lid back from the bottom.

Spice Storage Ideas - suspended spices

2. Vertical garden spice rack

We posted a blog on how to do your own vertical garden  last month. If you love fresh herbs and are looking for something different for your kitchen growing your own spices is just the thing for you.

Spice Storage Ideas - vertical garden

3. Pull Out Cabinet

If you prefer to have your spices hidden away, popping a few shelves or racks into a cabinet. We recommend picking a cabinet close to the cooktop for easy access.

Spice Storage - cabinets and drawers

4. Spice Drawers

The battle of drawers versus cupboards seems to have been own by drawers in 2014! A spice drawer is a great way to keep your spices close and organised! Check out more ideas on storage drawers here.

Spices Storage Tips - spice drawer

5. Hang em’

Buy a simple rail and hooks and hook up a basket to the kitchen wall for your spices. If you have a long benchtop and wall you can set it up so that the hooks can be pulled along the rail and used at multiple points above the benchtop.

Spice Storage Ideas - hanging rail

6. Magnetic wall

Add a magnetic strip to your splashback or wall and stick your spices there. You could even put up a magnetic sheet on the back of a door to store the spices there. A sleek real fuss free way to store spices!

Spice Storage Ideas - magnetic

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