Vertical Garden DIY

Vertical Garden DIY

Looking for something different to get your outdoor (or indoor) area green? Vertical gardens or green walls have excelled in popularity and we can see why – simple or intricate, these walls make for a unique feature and act as an environmental cooler too. They’re also great if you don’t have enough space for a horizontal garden! Here are 4 DIY vertical gardens you can try at home…

Pallet Garden Wall

Wooden pallets are super multi purposed and can be used to build many things including a pallet garden wall! You’ll need some weather resistant crews,┬ároofing nails or staple gun, drill, level, weed cloth (aka landscape fabric), thin plywood cut to size to cover back of pallet, potting soil, plants. In 3 easy steps:

1. Nail some plywood to the back of the clean and water proofed pallet

2. Staple gun the weed cloth to the back and sides of the pallet

3. Add soil and plants!

For a more detailed version of the instructions you can go here

Vertical Garden DIY - Pallet Garden Wall

Hanging Flower Box

A little more complicated to put together but a really beautiful feature to have on your wall! Detailed instructions on how to build this can be found here

Vertical Garden DIY - flower wall hang

Bucket Wall

Nail some concrete reinforcement mesh to your outside wall and hang large or small buckets on it. Fill them with soil and pop some plants in there. A super easy way to get your vertical wall up!

Vertical Garden DIY - fence and buckets

Vertical Drawer Garden

Not quite a wall but most certainly vertical! Find yourself a vintage drawer and fill it with pot plants. Something different and pretty easy to put together.

Vertical Garden DIY - drawer garden

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