Space Savers: design ideas for small kitchens

Small kitchen design ideas - hanging pots

Space Savers: design ideas for small kitchens

Having a small kitchen isn’t any disadvantage.  There’s been a big move towards smaller housing to save space and energy and there are plenty of things you can do to get the most out of your space. Here are some design ideas for small kitchens…

1. Sleek appliances

Sleek appliances (particularly in black and stainless steel) can create a less clunky looking space. If you can find multi-purpose appliances that is even better!

Small Kitchen Design Ideas - sleek appliances

2. Wall mounted mugs

Putting up a couple of hooks or railings with hooks on your wall to hang mugs or cups is a great space saver and really achieves that popular hipster look a lot of home owners are going for. Just make sure you use the right materials to ensure the mount is strong enough to hold any crockery you choose to put on it.

Small kitchen design ideas - mug wall mount

3. Double up

Get more out of your wall space by putting up a shelf where you can utilise the shelf space as well as the area beneath it to hang mugs.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas - hanging mugs

4. Mirrors

Our favourite design idea for small kitchens – mirrors! Check out our last blog on having mirrors on your kitchen. They are a great way to create space your in kitchen through light and reflection.

Design Ideas for Small Kitchens - mirrors

5. Let it hang

Hanging pots from the ceiling (preferably above a stove or seating area) is another great design idea for small kitchens. Not only does it make the pots easily accessible but if you don’t have the cabinet space hanging pots from the ceiling is the perfect solution.

Small kitchen design ideas - hanging pots

6. Hidden storage

Work storage into as many other areas/pieces of furniture that you can. A table for instance is a great opportunity to create extra storage you may not have had.

Design Ideas for Small Kitchens - storage tables

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