Kitchen Mirrors

Kitchen mirrors - cabinets

Kitchen Mirrors

Vain or genius design? We say genius design! Kitchen mirrors are a hot trend at the moment. Not only can they make your kitchen look bigger but they can also reflect a good view making your kitchen more attractive and it’s perfect for achieving that Fen Shui style.

Above a stove

If you fancy keeping an eye on yourself while you cook, this could be for you! OR if your oven is situated in an area that reflects interesting kitchen items an above the stove kitchen mirror can be considered!

Kitchen Mirrors - above the stove

Full Length

Make your kitchen look bigger with a full length mirror. Perfect for student apartments and people on the go who may need to check themselves before leaving the home.

Kitchen Mirrors - full length

Splash Back Mirror

These are quite high maintenance to keep clean but look really great in the right kitchen! Be sure to install tempered glass rather than household mirrors as these will crack under heat.

Kitchen Mirrors - splashback

Above the sink

This is probably the most popular location to place a mirror. Try picking a mirror style that mimics a window.

Kitchen Mirrors - above the sink

Mirrors on cabinets

Installing mirrors to your kitchen cabinets can add style and heaps of light to the room.

Kitchen mirrors - cabinets

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