DIY Outdoor Area Ideas - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

DIY Outdoor Area Ideas

We love finding affordable DIY ways to upgrade your outdoor area. If you’ve got the space but don’t have the budget, this blog is for you! Here are some DIY… Read more »

Mantelpiece Decoration - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

5 Marvellous Mantelpiece Decorations

There are few things as wonderful as snuggling up near a warm and crackling fire in winter. Fireplaces bring warmth and comfort to your lounge room and deserve to be decorated…. Read more »

How to Manage Kitchen Waste - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

How to Manage Kitchen Waste

A lot of things come to mind when we think about rubbish. Generally speaking, though, we think rubbish bags. I’m here to tell you that even your average Joe and… Read more »

Scandinavian Kitchen Design and Inspiration - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

Scandinavian Kitchen Design and Inspiration

Scandinavian design is defined by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The style emerged in the 20th century and grew in popularity in the 50s in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland…. Read more »