Bench Seating for Your Outdoor Area

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Bench Seating for Your Outdoor Area

Bench seating has become increasingly popular as home planners look for better ways to create a more intimate feel for their outdoor areas. Here are some bench seating ideas and benefits that we love!

Hinge Top Benches

A great opportunity to create storage space you wouldn’t have had otherwise! Hinge top benches work for clutter control as you can store toys, outdoor cushions and anything else that takes up space.

Make sure the lid is not too heavy! Hinge top benching usually is usually made from timber to keep the lid light, but this isn’t the most durable option as the timber requires more maintenance that concrete for example.

Bench Seating

Stand Alone Bench

If you prefer a chair and table set-up, a stand alone bench is still a good idea as an alternative or additional seating option. Having outdoor bench seating custom made also has its benefits.

Concrete Outdoor Furniture

Solid Bench Seating

A solid bench is usually made from a combination of stone or concrete with a timber finish. The main benefit of this type of bench is that it’s low maintenance and very durable for outdoor areas.

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Pool Seating

Bring your outdoor area together with movable pool side furniture. Benches made from durable materials, like polished concrete are advisable as its highly durable and water resistant (as opposed to a timber bench) Some home planners opt for built in pool side seating, but we reckon a movable bench is the way to go!

Bench Seating

Of course if you prefer your bench seating to have a bit more of a rustic look – timber works too!

Handmade Timber Bench

 Benches Around the Table

Benches tend to accommodate more people. They look good (especially in farm style kitchens or outdoor areas) and are preferred by families with kids. One of the downsides to bench seating is that there is no back support. Some people choose not to go for bench seating around tables for personal space reasons too… Ultimately, great for restaurants!

Raised Deck Bench Seating

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