Benefits of Reclaimed Timber

Benefits of reclaimed timber - wall

Benefits of Reclaimed Timber

As wood becomes less abundant it’s good to think about what we can do to make the most of reclaimed timber…

Where does it come from?

Timber that can be recycled can be found anywhere from barns to factories, warehouses or jetties.  Recovered timber may be lumber from trees that has died naturally whilst reclaimed timber is timber that is being re-purposed from something else.


  • Demolished homes
  • Old buildings
  • Sheds
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Boats
  • Bridges
  • Shearing sheds

Benefits of reclaimed timber - source


It’s clear that re-using timber is an environmentally concious decision. Using reclaimed timber helps preserve forests and cuts down the amount of energy used for the transportation and production of timber products.

Often reclaimed timber has ‘stood the test of time’. Timber from old buildings would have expanded and contracted for years as well as dried out which makes it far more durable.

The one thing we really like about reclaimed timber is the story behind the timber. Think about a gorgeous table built from an old jetty or old ship wreck. It adds character and is something different!

Benefits of reclaimed timber - table

Buying reclaimed timber

Some suppliers sell reclaimed timber. Make sure you ask or request that all nails, bolts, etc. are removed before you buy it. This is purely for safety reasons. It’s also a good idea to let the supplier know what you intend on building to find out if the timber is suitable for the project.

Benefits of reclaimed timber - wall

If you’re looking for some unique custom made furniture for your home made from reclaimed timber get in touch with us! Or take a look a our work here

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