6 Ways to Create Extra Benchtop Space

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6 Ways to Create Extra Benchtop Space

Ever cooked a meal and feel like you’re playing some sort of game as you move through all the obstacles on your counter just to get what you need? A game that’s no fun of course. There’s something really satisfying about having a clear kitchen benchtop. If you’re in need of some extra counter space, read on! Here are 6 ways to create extra kitchen benchtop space…

1. Sink covers

These were an absolute godsend when I lived in a pokey apartment in Uruguay. Although, it wasn’t actually a sink cover – just an ordinary chopping board. Sink sliders, or covers, come in all shapes, sizes and materials (plastic, wood, steel) and in different textures too (wood for chopping, steel for drying, etc.) Sink covers are a cheap and easy way to instantly create extra benchtop space. Make sure they fit snug, so they don’t wobble!

Extra Benchtop Space - Sink Covers - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

2. Single sink

Personally, I like to have one sink for washing and one for rinsing. But if you’re shy of space, use a sink cover to create additional space to prepare on. Alternatively, you could look at having it removed altogether! At least with a sink cover you can use the sink if you need to.

Extra Benchtop Space - Single Sink - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

3. Pull-out benchtop

If you’ve got a small kitchen with minimal benchtop space, try a pull-out benchtop. These temporary benchtops are concealed and look like an ordinary drawer. Once pulled out, they provide additional benchtop space to chop, dice and splice! Make sure it’s built sturdy, so it doesn’t wiggle under pressure. It also needs to be built to handle some weight.

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Extra Benchtop Space - Pull-Out Benchtop - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

4. Pack away appliances

The cheapest way to create extra benchtop space! It only takes 21 days to achieve – once you’ve cemented the habit. Use empty cabinet space to pack away appliances you don’t use every day. Even the ones you do use every day can be packed away if you need the space. The kettle and coffee machine are the only appliances you’ll find on my benchtop.

Extra Benchtop Space - Appliance Cupboard - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

5. Island life

You might not have benchtop space but if you’ve got the floor space you could build an island bench or simply place a table there for extra benchtop space. The island doubles up as an area to sit, socialise or share a meal with family or friends.

Extra Benchtop Space - Kitchen Island - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

6. Declutter!

Clear some drawers for iPads, speakers, chargers, etc. Buy a nice bowl to chuck any loose items that constantly appear on your benchtop. Use canisters to sort any breakfast items that might live on your benchtop.  READ: Chaos Control Tips

Extra Benchtop Space - Declutter Kitchen- Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

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