5 Chaos Control Tips for your Home

Chaos Control Tips - Shelving - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

5 Chaos Control Tips for your Home

“My house isn’t messy. It’s custom designed by a three year old.” One of the many classic quotes about untidy homes. And you know what? In a world as busy as ours, it’s okay to be a lil’ untidy. But, in case you’re looking for ways to keep your home tidy in 2018 here are some chaos control tips for you…

1. Baskets and Boxes

Baskets or boxes (particularly in the kid’s rooms) make it easy to keep things tidy. Use different boxes for different types of toys so it’s easy to find what they’re looking for. Baskets and boxes make it easy for you and the kids to tidy up after playtime.

Chaos Control Tips - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

2. Use clutter to decorate

Think about household items that are charming to display. Books for example can either be dust collectors in a cupboard or under your bed, or they can be displayed on a book shelf. Open shelving with cups and bowls is another way to turn cluttered cupboards into storage with character!

Chaos Control Tips - Book Case - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

Chaos Control Tips - Shelving - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

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3. Create a ‘drop off’ space

One of my nasty habits is dumping my stuff on the nearest surface I can find when I come home from work.  The victim is usually my dining room table which means dinners are usually on our laps in the lounge instead of the dining table! If this sounds at all familiar to you, you might want to create a ‘drop off space’. A space either at your front door or anywhere else close to your home’s entrance where you can drop off your day’s bulk.

Chaos Control Tips - Drop Off Space - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

4. Use unused spaces

Have a think about the areas or rooms in your home that aren’t used very much and send some clutter there. Spare rooms, top shelves, bottoms drawers. The idea is to keep the areas and spaces you frequently use, neat and tidy. Whatever ever isn’t used often can be out of site. Christmas trees and decorations, light bulbs, baking items are just some of these things.

Chaos Control Tips - Guest Room - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

5. Kitchen Drawers

Switch out your cupboards for drawers. Drawers with clearly defined spaces for items help keep chaos out of your kitchen. READ Kitchen Drawer Ideas. From knives and spices to pots, pans and kitchen appliances, drawers are the way to go to keep clutter in check.

Chaos Control Tips - Kitchen Drawers - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

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