Top Tips for Organising a Party

Top Tips for Organising a Party

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with organising a get together so we’ve put together some top tips for organising a party…

1. Mix and match

Don’t be scared to mix and match crockery, cutlery and decor. Eclectic is in so may as well make the most of it and throw together whatever you have in your home to create a unique dinner party/party. Sometimes trying to get it perfect doesn’t quite work. What things can you mix and match?
– old and new (vintage and modern)
– still and busy patterns (plain and floral materials for napkins or table cloths)
– transparent and non-transparent (cups or glasses)
– rustic and smooth (think hessian and chiffon table lays)
Tips for organising a party - mix and match

2. Make lists!

Making lists makes organising a party so much easier. You can’t host a party without making lists! Here’s a list of lists you should make..
– Each dish you want to prepare along with what ingredients you need for each dish (include how long it will take you to make each dish)
– Drinks you need to buy
– What decor you need to buy/get ready
– What order you’ll prepare everything for the party! Whether it be on the day or the night before.

3. Kids area

If you’re hosting a get together for guests who have kids make sure you set up a ‘child friendly’ entertainment/task area where the kids can keep themselves occupied. A table with colouring in sheets and crayons, a laptop with movies or toys and healthy snacks are just some good items to have in the kids area!
Tips for organising a party - kids area

4. Paper plates

Don’t be scared to use paper plates! You can buy some really fancy ones if you’re not comfortable with plain white and these will cut down your washing up time! You can also get recylable napkins!
 Tips for organising a party - paper plates

5. Get a music station sorted

No party, dinner party or get together is complete without music. Get a music playlist ready the night before, selecting music appropriate for the event. We reccomend hiding the music player so guests can’t hi-jack the playlist (unless you’re open to that of course!)
Tips for organising a party - music area

6. Set up a bar

Setting aside an area, even something as simple as a table, with glasses/cups and drinks in a cooler is a good way to get organised and to allow your guests to easily top up their drinks as they wish.
Tips for organising a dinner party - drinks area

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