The truth about natural cleaning products

Natural cleaning products

The truth about natural cleaning products

The truth about natural cleaning products

With society becoming more aware of the positive impacts of choosing green at home and in the workplace, it’s no wonder ‘natural cleaning’ has skyrocketed in popularity. While it may have joined the rank of ‘clean eating’ and ‘clean beauty,’ it’s certainly not just a buzzword. Natural cleaning is a mainstream alternative for everyone from every-day families to mindful office cleaners wanting to avoid the harmful consequences of traditional products. If you’ve ever wondered if natural cleaning is for you, then read on as we dish up the truth.

Natural cleaning can be less expensive

Contrary to popular belief, natural cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a lot of reasonably priced natural cleaners in your local Coles and Woolworths that are giving traditional cleaners a run for their money. Alternatively, you can scour the online world for discounts or flash sales from stores like biome and flora&fauna. If you want to take things into your own hands, you can even DIY your own natural cleaning products from home!

You can make it yourself

You can make your own natural cleaners using common supermarket ingredients like bicarbonate of soda, castile soap, white vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, essential oils, salt and more. All-purpose cleaner can be made by combining equal parts white vinegar and water, toilet cleaner can be made with bicarbonate of soda and a few shakes of essential oils, water and lavender essential oil can be combined to make air freshener, and white vinegar can be used on its own to tackle mould and mildew.

Natural cleaners are better for the environment

When you use traditional cleaning products, harmful chemicals are being released into the environment. But something you may not know is that these products are often manufactured in such a way that hurts the environment as well. On the other hand, most natural cleaning companies seek to make their products in a way that benefits the environment. They also often use recyclable packaging to minimise waste.

You can enjoy better air quality

There’s nothing worse than cleaning your house or office with chemical-filled products only to have an unpleasant odour hang around for the rest of the day. Not only is this uncomfortable but it’s also harmful to your health. Natural cleaning products are often made with essential oils that are not only safe to breathe in, but can also be really good for you! These products leave your home or office feeling fresh and you breathing easy. Of course, great air quality shouldn’t just be reserved for the home. If you work full time, it’s likely that you spend most of your week in an office. If your workplace uses commercial cleaners, it might be well worth asking them to get on board with natural cleaning products too.

You can be confident in the ingredients

Ammonia, chlorine, perchloroethylene, triclosan and phthalate – these are all names of traditional cleaning ingredients that are extremely harmful to your health. These chemicals can cause irritation, respiratory issues and interfere with your hormones, eek! The worst part is that manufacturers don’t always disclose all of the ingredients that they include in their products. Unlike traditional products, natural cleaning solutions steer clear of these harmful toxins. When you choose natural cleaning products, you can be confident knowing that you’re not using any of these nasties in your home or workplace.

There are fewer risks

When using conventional chemical-filled cleaning products, you run the risk of getting toxic ingredients in your eyes, lungs or on your skin. It’s important that you wear protective gear, including a fask mask, long gloves and appropriate clothing to keep yourself safe. However, you won’t run into the same risks with natural cleaning products, because they aren’t harmful to your health.

You’re protecting those you care about the most

If your family members or colleagues have a tough time with allergies, sensitive skin or asthma, you might find that you’re continually running into problems with traditional cleaning products. But by making the switch to natural cleaning products, you’re choosing a solution that’s free from toxic dyes and fragrances. Most importantly, you can clean confidently, knowing that you’re looking after everyone’s health.

There are certainly some strange misconceptions about natural cleaning products that are floating around the web. But we hope that by revealing the truth, you understand that there is so much more than meets the eye. Natural cleaning certainly isn’t a hippy term or buzzword, but it’s truly a lifestyle that benefits the world around you and those who matter the most.

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