Stainless Steel Kitchen – How Rust Proof is It?

Stainless Steel Kitchen – How Rust Proof is It?

Stainless Steel – How Rust Proof is It? 

We love the look of stainless steel, and it looks amazing in any outdoor kitchen. But is it as rust proof as you think? We’ve taken time to explain the pros and cons of stainless steel so that you can have a gorgeous kitchen all year round. 

What is Stainless Steel?

We all know metals like iron and steel tarnish easily. That’s because they are what experts call ‘active metals’. An active metal is a metal that reacts strongly to other substances. In most cases, that reaction results in rust. Stainless steel is a ‘passive metal’, meaning that it’s mixed with other metals like chromium or titanium. So it doesn’t react to the elements like an active metal would. But does that mean it is rustproof? 

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So What Does that Mean?

Combining chromium with steel creates a thin film over the steel’s surface. It’s this layer that protects your stainless steel from eroding. So as long as that film stays intact, you should stay relatively rust-free. But remember, your stainless steel kitchen isn’t a get it and forget it deal – you’ll have to maintain it if you don’t want it to corrode. 

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Then What Makes Stainless Steel Rust?

If that film over your stainless steel breaks down, then you’re going to get rust. Many things can damage that coating. Remember to:

  •       Avoid cleaning your appliances with steel pads or scrapers
  •       Not leave spilt water to stain – clean it up as soon as possible
  •       Keep anything with chloride, like salt or some household cleaners, away from your kitchen.
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 How Can I Stop It?

Your stainless steel outdoor kitchen is stainless, not stain proof. So you’ll still need to look after it if you don’t want it to rust.  Keep that protective chromium film over your kitchen’s surfaces by:

  •       Using only soft cloths to clean it
  •       Choosing cleaners with chloride in them
  •       Cleaning in the direction of the polish marks, and
  •       Air drying after cleaning

Following these simple rules will help keep your outdoor kitchen looking as good as the day you bought it.

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