South African Style BBQ (braai)

South African Style BBQ - Boerewors

South African Style BBQ (braai)

It’s been a while since we posted a foodie blog, so we thought we’d share some ideas for a South African style BBQ or braai (pronounced like fry)…

The word braai comes from the word braaivleis which means “grilled meat” in Afrikaans. In South Africa it’s common to have a wood braai as opposed to a gas barbecue. Braais are a big social happening in South Africa rather than just a meal. People make big efforts when hosting braais with all sorts side dishes and salads. They even have a National Braai Day!


Boerewors (farmer sausage) comes from an older Dutch sausage verse wosrt. It’s a flavoursome sausage that can contain a mix of minced beef, lamb and pork with lots of spices! Boerewors is best braaid but can also be cooked in an oven or fry pan. Late nights out in South Africa usually end with a boerewors roll, served with fried onions and sauce on the street!

Recipe for boerewors sausage

South African Style BBQ - Boerewors


Also known as mieliepap (maize meal) is a porridge/polenta type food. Also known as putu. It can be served plain or seasoned and can be served in a dry or moist consistency. It is served as a side dish with meats, stews, vegetables and/or salads and goes amazingly well with an onion and tomato sauce!

Recipe for pap or putu

South African Style BBQ - pap


This is basically a barbecued toasted sandwich and is a truly unique part of a South African braai! It contains tomato, cheese, onion, chutney, salt and pepper. The outsides of the sandwich are thickly coated in butter and placed on the braai.

How to make braaibroodtjies

South African Style BBQ


South Africa has some amazing wine regions so wine at braais is common, however for a true South African experience brandy goes down best! You can even pair the different types of brandy with boerewors!

South African Style BBQ - brandy

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