Small Laundry Ideas

Small laundry ideas laundry renovation

Small Laundry Ideas

In a perfect world, we’d all have a big and spacious laundry with plenty of room to clean, dry, iron and fold. But it turns out that small laundries can be just as good as a big one. Even if you’re living in a small house or apartment with limited space you can still have a super fresh laundry. Check out some of these small laundry ideas.

Laundry in the cupboard

Isn’t it funny how small homes seems to have heaps of excess cupboard space? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited someone or booked an Airbnb that has heaps of cupboard space in a small apartment or house. An unused, spacious cupboard provides the perfect place to create secret laundry. Check this one out. Dryer on top, washer and the bottom and shelving for storage. They’ve even plumbed a sink for hand-washing!

Small Laundry Ideas - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

Image source: Go Flatpacks

Pop it in the bathroom

There’s no rule against making the most out of your bathroom and popping the laundry in there. Make some space for a washing machine below your vanity or create a new space for it.

Small Laundry Ideas - Adelaide Vanities

Image source: Renovating Mums

Laundry under the stairs

Not just for Harry Potter hay?! Setting up your washer and dryer in the space which would otherwise be filled with dusty board games and old cleaning products is a killer plan.

Laundry Bench top Adelaide - Small Laundry Ideas

Image source: Houzz

Shed laundry room

Okay, it’s not small, but how cool is this?! A purpose bought shed for a laundry room. Painted in a fresh, crisp, linen white and pale blue. LOVE!

Laundry room renovations - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

Image source: Pinterest

Kitchen laundry closet

Clear out your kitchen cupboards to make space for a laundry closet.

Laundry room renovation - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

Image source: The Organized Home

DIY washer and dryer surround

If you happen to have your washer and dryer floating around somewhere in your home. Try this DIY surround!

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