Should I Powder Coat My Outdoor Kitchen?

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Should I Powder Coat My Outdoor Kitchen?

Should I Powder Coat My Outdoor Kitchen? 

There’s an easier way to add a pop of colour to your entertaining area. Long gone are the days where powder coating was just for industrial factories – you can now have it in your outdoor kitchen! But is it the best option? We’ve pulled together all the benefits for powder coating your kitchen so you can make an informed choice. 

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Not only are you creating a fresh look by powder coating your outdoor kitchen, but you’re helping the planet as well! Powder coating produces less by-product waste than traditional liquid paint and doesn’t contain nasty volatile organic compounds (VOCs). And because it doesn’t give off any air-borne pollutants, it’s better for your health. Powder coating is also easy to dispose of because it doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals, so it complies with environmental regulations. 

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It Protects Your Surfaces

Worried about your outdoor kitchen because you live in a windy, wet or even sunny area? Then powder coating just might be for you! Powder coating acts as a defensive layer between the elements and your surfaces, so your outdoor kitchen is protected from severe weather damage. It also safeguards any material that may otherwise breakdown when left outside. As a bonus, you’ll also be saving your outdoor kitchen from any chips, spills, stains and sticky fingerprints. 

It Looks Amazing

Your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be drab – add some distinctive colours with powder coating! Traditional liquid paint can leave a ‘painted on’ texture and can droop if it’s too runny. Powder coating is applied via spray method and then cured in an oven, so it can be painted in much thicker layers. This means you get the smoothest possible finish.


Want a pop of colour? No problem! Powder coating is a combination of pigment and resin, so you have your choice of different shades. So chose a colour as unique as you, and give your outdoor kitchen some real personality!

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