The Beauty of Polished Concrete

Custom Made Concrete and Timber Benches

The Beauty of Polished Concrete

When thinking of outdoor kitchens and dining areas, concrete is the stuff you walk on to get to your seat. Right?


Concrete is no longer the boring grey surface that you walk over and barely even notice unless it is missing. At Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens, we specialise in something known as GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete).


We have found innovative uses for this surprisingly versatile material, with everything from bench tops to furniture.

polished concrete bench

Polished concrete is exceptionally solid and can be in a variety of textures, inlays, colours, shapes, and turns it into something truly unique – a real one of a kind, not run of the mill. Polished concrete can enhance any style – from country to contemporary, industrial and from traditional to modern.


Glass fibre reinforced concrete is quickly becoming the product of choice when it comes to designers, architects, and home-owners. It is an incredible medium for architectural, visual and artistic expression.

Because each piece is hand-crafted, the possibilities in terms of shape, size, colour, and texture are virtually endless. This makes it the perfect choice for outdoor kitchen bench tops and furniture.


There are very few limitations to what you can accomplish with good design and sound fabrication techniques. If you can dream it, we can create it!

coloured polished concrete

Durability is a key factor in designing an outdoor kitchen, with everything being exposed to the elements in one way or another, you need a product that is going to take some punishment and keep looking good.


Just a few of the benefits of using GFRC are…


Highly durable and safe •

Design freedom; •
since GFRC is able to be moulded into almost any shape and colour

Requires low maintenance •

Installation is quick and cost effective •

Weather and fire resistant •


Polished concrete bench tops and furniture from Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens are built to your needs, around your existing, or planned, outdoor installation and to your complete satisfaction.


Make your bench tops, and even whole pieces of furniture, something that is uniquely yours. Our polished concrete products are crafted in such a way to have such a certain ‘look’ so they could almost be mistaken for art installations – so much so, that it’s almost a shame to have to sit on our benches!


Furniture made with this material is also incredibly strong, so there is no danger of breakage, and it would take dedicated and concerted effort to chip it.


If furniture is going to be enjoyed outside, then it pays to ensure that the furniture you invest in is tough enough to take the punishment. Our polished concrete products certainly fit the bill, and then some.

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