Picking the Right Kitchen Sink

Picking the Right Kitchen Sink

Finding a kitchen sink is easy. Finding a kitchen sink that’s designed for the way you like to do dishes – not so easy. Here are some tips to help you pick the right sink for your kitchen…


It’s annoying trying to wash large oven pans and trays in a small sink. If you are low on space and can’t afford to have a large sink, opting for a small one is fair enough but if you have the space, a decent large sink is the way to go! Think about your largest cooking tray and use that as a measurement guide.

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Double Sinks

Double sinks are great for washing and rinsing so you aren’t left with soapy dishes, but if you don’t have the space single sinks will do the job. Consider getting a spray tap for rinsing. They are really handy for rinsing dishes and food as well!

Triple Sinks

This is a luxury but if you have the space three basin sinks are awesome for multi-tasking (washing, draining and rinsing)


This comes down to personal preference. A round shaped sink is good for kitchen tasks but is not very practical for cleaning dishes (particularly if you are cleaning large rectangular pans and trays.) Generally we install rectangular sinks for this reason. They are also more space effective.

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Stainless steel sinks are the most popular. They’re durable, easy to clean and look good in any kitchen! It may get scratched but scratches aren’t as noticeable on stainless steel as what they are on white porcelain for example. It’s  also much cheaper than porcelain, granite and marble.

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Above or Below

Top mount or drop-in sinks are a good DIY option. They’re  easy to install and cheap, however they aren’t as sleek and stylish as some other sinks. Top mount sinks can also collect soap scum between the sink lip and counter.

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Under mount sinks are mounted beneath the counter. They collect less scum and dirt than the top mount sink and tend to look better too. They are a bit more costly to install as it needs to be glued to the counter.

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Farmhouse sinks are specially designed so that the sink actually replaces part of the counter. They are generally quite deep and tend to look good in a more traditional style kitchen. Obviously installing a farmhouse kitchen is a lot more challenging than a top or bottom mount sink as it has to be fit to the counter.

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Do you have any tips for picking the right kitchen sink? Leave a comment with your thoughts or ideas below!

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