Pantry Storage Pros and Cons

Pantry Systems - pros and cons - pull out baskets

Pantry Storage Pros and Cons

We all aim to have a super organised kitchens, but it’s not always easy to do – especially your pantry. So we’ve come up with five pantry storage systems and their pros and cons to help you get your kitchen organised :)

1. Shelves

Pros: Adding shelving to your kitchen is pretty easy and cost effective. Generally there’s a lot of flexibility with shelf depth and width too.

Cons: If the shelves are too deep and not U-shaped it can be frustrating to reach back and pull out several items before you get what you need!

Pantry Systems - pros and cons - shelves

2. Pull out drawers

Pros: Easy to install and generally flexible in size and height.

Cons: Weight restrictions, runners getting stuck, depth variety and needing to pack the shelves specifically to get everything to fit are just four cons that we came up with for pull out drawers.

Pantry Systems - pros and cons - pull out drawers

3. Pull out baskets

Pros: Commonly used to store vegetables. Easy to clean/require minimal cleaning. Create the illusion of space and are cost effective. They also come in a range of materials from stainless steel to plastic or coated steel.

Cons: Don’t allow for as much customisation as other shelving types.

Pantry Systems - pros and cons - pull out baskets

4. Stand alone baskets

Pros: Super easy and affordable to ‘install’. They come in all different shapes, sizes and materials (plastic, wicker, plastic, steel, etc.) Great if you want to achieve a traditional or boho kitchen look.

Cons: Can be hard to clean (if you’ve chosen to go with the wicker option). Can be tricky to maintain as kitchen items need to be packed a certain way to ensure they fit into the space. Can be dangerous ¬†if you have little kiddies around who may pull the drawers down as they aren’t fixed.

Pantry Systems - pros and cons - stand alone baskets

5. Combination systems

There’s no rules here! Pick and choose a mix of shelving/storage systems depending on your personal needs, requirements and/or style. Use wicker baskets for tea, coffee and cereal, pull out drawers for your pots and pans and shelves for your food and groceries.

Pantry Systems - pros and cons - combination storage

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