Outdoor Office Tips and Ideas

Outdoor Office Tips and Ideas - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Office Tips and Ideas

We live in a day and age where technology and internet allows us to work from anywhere in the world! As the demand for jobs that allow us to work from home increases, so does our need for tips and ideas for home offices. If you work from home and are looking for some inspiration for your home office – look no further! Here are some outdoor office tips and ideas for you…

The Garden Shed or Playhouse

If you’re set on taking your work outdoors into the fresh air but don’t want to build a space especially for it – try using your garden shed or playhouse. Many garden sheds store stuff we don’t need or could re-locate elsewhere. Turn your garden shed into an outdoor office after a good clean, lick of paint and furniture set up.

Outdoor Office Tips and Ideas - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

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The Intentional Office

If you’re committed to working outside regularly and actually want to be outdoors, you can build some build or purchase furniture specifically for work. Build or buy a desk and table (make sure it’s waterproofed!) and chuck up a canopy if you need the shade. You can purchase retractable and custom made canopies according to your space and needs. This office works well against a wall where you can pin up some art of white boards for inspiration or planning!

Outdoor Office Tips and Ideas - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

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The Bare Necessities

There are a lot of awesome outdoor office ideas out there. But if you just want to work outside – it’s as easy and setting yourself up with a laptop, notepad and pen on your patio or garden table. We suggest getting an anti-glare screen so you can see your screen outside.

Outdoor Office Tips and Ideas - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

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Outdoor Office Tips

  • Furniture: Think about what you’ll be doing out there so you can work our what furniture or equipment is essential.
  • Electricity: If your shed is close enough to home, you might be able to get away with using a power cable from your home. This can, however be hazardous. We recommend investing in a power generator. You can purchase these online or in store from places like My Generator or Adelaide Tools. Consider how much power you’ll need before purchasing your generator.
  • Internet: Check the internet reception from your home modem before jumping into setting up your office. Or contact you service provider to find out if a separate line can be set up in your outdoor office.
  • Ventilation: If you’ve opted for a garden shed office, make sure you keep the windows or door open to let enough fresh air in!
  • Heating: Invest in a heater for winter. Or as a more cost effective option – rug up in jumpers and blankets. Remember to turn your heater off before you leave your office for the day!
  • Lighting: This is a tricky one to manage as the natural light will adjust throughout the day. To keep lighting consistent in your home office, purchase solar powered lights that can be fixed to your outdoor office. Alternatively, if you are happy working in natural light and adjusting accordingly, cut out a sky light in the office ceiling.

If you want an outdoor office, we can help build custom outdoor furniture according to your needs, space and budget. Contact us today for a quote.

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