Outdoor Kitchen Design – Mistakes to Avoid

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Outdoor Kitchen Design – Mistakes to Avoid

Imagine a warm summer’s evening, family and friends chatting and laughing around a beautifully set table in the garden. There are few things more homely and inviting than a gathering in an outdoor entertainment area. That is, unless your outdoor kitchen is poorly designed.

A costly disappointment like this can be averted by avoiding these 4 major mistakes when designing your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Not considering kitchen functionality

An outdoor kitchen creates images of carefree relaxation; however, it is still a functioning kitchen. When designing an outdoor kitchen, the same attention must be paid to the layout of the space as you would to a kitchen inside your home.

You want to have enough countertop space to prepare your meals without obstruction. Then, of course, there is always the clean-up to consider. Make sure that there are sinks for rinsing and washing up, with efficient plumbing installed.

That said, you must consider that indoor materials and surfaces are not necessarily suitable or practical for outdoor use. Think about factors such as slippery surfaces, heat-absorbing surfaces and similar hazards that could turn out to be unwanted party guests.

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Installing the wrong appliances

The first step in choosing your equipment is deciding whether you will cook with a good old wood fire, with gas or other cooking methods. For anyone you choose, you will need to ensure that the appliance is large enough to provide enough capacity.

If your outdoor kitchen design includes additional appliances such as pizza ovens, for example, be sure to leave enough space for moving around freely, working and placing items. Remember that appliances should be specified for outdoor use.

Ventilation is essential to a well-designed outdoor kitchen. Heat, smoke and gas must be allowed to escape through vents, preventing build-up in the entertainment area and also potential fire hazards.

Forgetting to include storage

You can’t entertain your guests very well when you’re constantly running into the house to collect dishes and items that you couldn’t store outside. Storage for utensils should be easily within reach and kept safe from rain. Include airtight storage for spices and sauces and consider space for cold storage of your meat, drinks etc.


An easily forgotten element of outdoor kitchen design is the lighting. Very often, outdoor lighting is insufficient for cooking and working at night. As much as the right lighting affects the atmosphere, it also affects the cooking and eating experience!

There are a variety of options available that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and energy-efficient. Speak to your experienced builder or designer to make your dream outdoor kitchen an idyllic reality.

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