4 on-trend paint colours right now

Paint colours that are on-trend

4 on-trend paint colours right now

Choosing a colour to paint your walls is a pretty big decision, and not just because there are SO many colours to choose from. Colours can influence and impact your mood. Certain colours can make us feel calm, excited, happy or sad. It’s for this reason that you’ll want to make sure you pick a colour that will create the right vibes in your home. Read: the colours you choose to paint your wall can impact your mood. Here are¬†4 on-trend paint colours to conider for your home’s repaint.

Sage green

Sage green is the perfect colour to bring peace and calm into a room. Despite what you might think green is a really versatile colour that not only works in any room but has plenty of colours that compliment it. Sage green also lends itself to many different styles from French vintage to modern bachelor pad. Ultimately sage green is the perfect colour for any room in your home and creates a calming and Zen effect. Colours that compliment sage green include dark grey, white, Venetian red and terra cotta.

4 paint colours that are on-trend

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Sunbaked pink

You can expect to see a lot of ‘spicy’ colours in 2020. One of them being sunbaked pink that is just gorgeous against warm colours like plum, gold and brick. This fresh and inspiring colour works well in bedrooms and can work well in the front room as well. Accent colours include moss green, brown, orange and a pop of yellow.

Paint colours that are on-trend

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Smokey grey-blue

This storm inspired colour will make any room feel warm and cosy! Although darker, the grey-blue colour is calming and warming. Try different shades of the colour to suit your space and style. Accent colours include white, gold, aqua, golden yellow, chocolate brown and moody purple.

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Teal and turquoise

This colour really seems to have stood the test of time. This fresh and fun colour makes you feel grounded and creative, bringing feelings of love, patience and tranquillity. The accent colours will depend on your room’s theme or style. For a Mediterranean look, accent colours include yellow, red and pink. For a more modern and neutral look with teal, try white, creme, green and gold yellow.

paint colours that are on-trend

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