Must Have BBQ Accessories for your Outdoor Kitchen

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Must Have BBQ Accessories for your Outdoor Kitchen

Every outdoor kitchen should be equipped with BBQ accesories. Here are our top five must haves for your outdoor kitchen…

Barbecue Tool Set

If it’s one thing an outdoor kitchen can’t go without it’s a barbecue tool set! The price range can vary between AU $12 to AU $200. A basic grill master set usually has tongs, a spatula and fork. A deluxe barbecue tool set can contain up to 24 utensils including a bottle opener, basting brush, skewers and a grill brush. Stainless steel is a recommended material for a set but they do also come in aluminium.

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BBQ Grill/Cooking Thermometer

For perfectly cooked steak we recommend a thermometer. The doneness of the meat all comes down to internal temperature. So use a thermometer to ensure you’re not over or under cooking your meat. You can buy digital thermometers or leave in oven proof thermometers. When your meat is done the internal temperature of the meat will be:

  • Rare 60ºC
  • Medium rare 60-65ºC
  • Medium 65-70ºC
  • Medium well done 70ºC
  • Well done 75ºC

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BBQ Firelighter

Whether you’re using it for lighting a fire, your BBQ or candles, a firelighter is a very handy accessory to have in your outdoor area. Long stem lighters are generally safer to use as you keep a safe distance from the flame. These lighters are refillable and can be bought for as little as AU $3, however we suggest spending a bit more for a quality lighter that’ll last.

BBQ Accesories

BBQ Pizza Kit

The alternative BBQ. Grilling pizza is a popular barbecuing alternative. These are usually pretty low in  cost and typically consist of a pizza spatula, pizza wheel cutter and a pizza rack.


BBQ accesories

Non-stick BBQ Grill Mat

These aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to protect your BBQ these non-stick BBQ grill mats are a great solution! Avoid scrubbing and scraping your barbie after a cook up and use these re-useable non-stick mats. Using these mats is also a healthier way to BBQ. The non-stick surface means you use less oil. They can also be used in the oven.

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