Make the Most of Your Outdoor Kitchen – Tips for Designing the Ultimate Space

Outdoor Kitchen

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Kitchen – Tips for Designing the Ultimate Space

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Kitchen – Tips for Designing the Ultimate Space

Summer is here, a time to dust of the old BBQ and have your mates ‘round for a couple of snags. But why just stop there? An outdoor kitchen can turn a mediocre meal into an entertainer’s dream. So consider these easy tips when planning your outdoor kitchen, and impress your friends with your new space.

Where Should You Put It?

So you’ve finally decided to build your own outdoor kitchen – but where to put it? Maybe you want to look over your amazing view while you cook, but the wind blows smoke from your BBQ into your home. Or maybe you plan to have your kitchen away from the house, but your plates and platters are too heavy to carry all that way. Some research into factors such as wind conditions, distance and use of space can help you decide where your new kitchen will go.

Build from the Ground Up

When we think about outdoor kitchens, we think of BBQs, outdoor furniture and time spent with friends. But does anyone consider the flooring? The material used for your floors is just as important. What will the weather conditions be? How much will your appliances weigh? And what is the durability of the material chosen? Marble may be slippery during the winter, but timber can fade and crack in the summer. A little planning into what happens under your feet can change the way you use your outdoor kitchen.

Think About Your Appliances

Does your dream outdoor kitchen have a six grill BBQ? A refrigerator for all your beers? A pizza oven? Those appliances have to go somewhere, and that will take up space. When designing your outdoor kitchen, consider the size of your appliances and how they will work together. Don’t forget to allow room for platters and utensils next to your BBQ, or a place to keep your pizzas while waiting to be cooked. A well thought out plan for your appliances can create flow in your new kitchen.

Don’t Forget About Storage!

So you’ve got your appliances, your outdoor furniture and even your colour scheme. Could there be anything else? Of course – a place for storage! Just like an indoor kitchen, your outdoor kitchen is going to need room for your utensils and plates. So how much storage will you need? Will you be entertaining larges groups of people or just family? Will you use your kitchen just in the summer, or all year round? And of course, this storage is going to need to be water and weatherproof. As simple as it may seem, having the right storage can lift your new outdoor kitchen to the next level.

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