Kitchen Power Point Planning

Kitchen Power Point Planning

Clients often ask us how to go about planning power points placement in a kitchen. Here are some kitchen power point planning tips just for you!

Start with the big stuff

People often forget that you need to start planning where to put your power points when you’re planning the kitchen. Start thinking about your major kitchen appliances – dishwasher, fridge, microwave and rangehood are some that come to mind.

Kitchen Power Point Planning

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Then little stuff

Think about your benchtops and where you’d want your kettle and toaster (maybe a sandwich toaster or blender) to be. Aim for at least three powerpoints for your small benchtop appliances.

Kitchen Power Point Planning

 Plug Points on Island Kitchen Bench

These are usually placed on the side of the bench, which can be a hazard if you have little kids who might be tempted to stick their fingers in there. Consider getting some plug protectors or covers if this is a concern. Some island benches have “pop up power points” which are super  handy, but remember these will also need to be placed away from the sink (if the bench has one)

Kitchen Power Point Planning

Quad Powerpoints

Considering the use of iPads, iPods and other devices in the kitchen it might be worth considering a corner quad powerpoint if you’ve got the space. Three is usually enough, but if you like to bring your devices in the kitchen with you then we recommend the quad powerpoint.

Kitchen Powerpoint Planning

Hidden Power Points

Appliance drawers are becoming super popular. Placing a hidden power point in there is good way to keep you counters cord clutter free!

Kitchen Power Point Planning

Safety First

Make sure you don’t place any powerpoints close to a sink or stove top. You can read more about water and power point distance here


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