Kitchen Layouts – What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

Kitchen Layouts – What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

G-Shape? Galley? One wall? What’s the difference between these kitchen layouts and why does it matter? Here are some key points to know about the most popular kitchen layouts…

One-Wall Kitchens

  • Suitable for smaller homes
  • There is no working triangle concept with one-wall kitchens, the sink is usually installed between the fridge and oven
  • Finding work space can be tricky, consider a pull out work space drawer for extra work space!
  • This layout can work well in larger homes if you are looking for an open plan feel
Kitchen Layouts - One-Wall

Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens


  • Very efficient for cooking
  • This style was designed for tight spaces and is common for restaurant kitchens and bars
  • Building material for cabinets, splashback and counters needs to be selected carefully; selecting materials that are light to create the illusion of space work well
  • A galley kitchen is usually open on either side which can make for a busy kitchen!

Kitchen Layouts - Galley


  • Common in medium sized apartments and suitable for ‘one-man/woman cooks’
  • The difference between galley and U-Shape is that the U-Shape is closed off at one of the ends which reduces chaotic foot traffic for busy house holds
  • Home planners often opt for a fridge outside the ‘U’ so there is more storage space
  • Pull out drawers are handy as a storage space solution!
  • If the space is big enough a kitchen island increases your kitchen’s interactivity
Kitchen Layouts - U-Shape

Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens


  • For medium sized houses (can work in small homes but tends to look cramped)
  • Kitchen bars are often added to G-Shape kitchens which allows for interactivity or cooking collaboration in the kitchen
  • A kitchen bar also doubles up as extra work space
  • Suitable for families

Kitchen Layouts - G Shape


  • Common for outdoor kitchens
  • One of the more popular lay out designs
  • Suitable for medium or small homes
  • Perfect for the working triangle
  • Can have multiple entry and exit points as it’s open both ends
  •  Good option if you are looking to make use of corner space

Outdoor Kitchen with Polished Concrete Benchtop & Splashback & Stainless Steel Doors & Drawer Fronts

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