Kitchen Island Types

Kitchen Island Types - cooking

Kitchen Island Types

The kitchen is probably one of the more difficult areas of the home to design and if you’re keen on having a kitchen island it’s worth knowing the different types of kitchen islands out there and what purpose it’s designed for…


A kitchen island can double up as a work, storage space and a dining area. If you have the space for a kitchen island but not a kitchen island AND a dining table this is a good option.

Kitchen Island Types - dining


Some home owners opt for a cook top on their kitchen islands so that they can ‘cook to a crowd’ rather than facing the wall. This design is one for family orientated home lovers who love to cook. This design can be quite expensive though as ventilation can needs to be installed above the island.

Kitchen Island Types - cooking

Dining and Cooking

If you have the space kitchen islands can double up as a cooking and dining area. For this combo design the dining area is usually raised or lowered slightly in order to keep guests away from the heat of the cook top.

Kitchen Island Types - cooking and dining


If you aren’t keen on having your cook tops on the kitchen island why not consider teppanyaki grill? These are really unique to any kitchen, are great for entertaining and are easy to clean. Here’s a bit more about teppanyaki cooking.

Kitchen Island Types - teppanyaki


Washing up facing a wall can be demotivating! Having a sink for washing up or even for rinsing in your kitchen island can be very handy. You could also install a dish washer in your island. Check out our blog on picking the right kitchen sink for you.

Kitchen Island Types - washing


These are perfect for smaller kitchens. If you want a kitchen island for food prep or storage but don’t have the space these work really well. They can be rolled to the centre of the kitchen when needed and rolled off to the side when not in use. You can store crockery in shelving too. Big movable kitchen islands work too!

Kitchen Island Types - movable

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