Kitchen Chair Types

Kitchen Chair Types - Modern

Kitchen Chair Types

Picking the right chairs for your kitchen or dining table is really important to make sure your decision suits your style and comfort. Here is a list of common kitchen chair types and some of their pros and cons…

Arm Chair

These tend to have a formal feel and depending on the style can be quite elaborate, however we tend to find arm chairs a bit restricting. The seating part can be solid or cushioned and if it’s cushioned upholstering it can be a good way to make the arm chair look less formal! Generally an arm chair sits at the head of the table with side chairs on the side.
Patio Chair Types

Side Chair

A bit less formal and a lot less restricting that an arm chair. Typically, side chairs are not upholstered, but you can always buy those tie on cushions if you are wanting to make the chair a bit more comfy!
 Kitchen Chair Types

Parsons Chair

A really stylish option for your kitchen table! These chairs are pretty versatile design wise and look good in most spaces, however may not always fit! They tend to be slightly larger so perhaps not suitable for smaller kitchens. Parsons chairs are great for back support as they’re usually pretty high, however can be restricing for the head area. They can also be covered and upholstered.
Kitchen Chair Types

Ladder Back Chair

This is a more traditional chair that, like the Parsons chair typically has a long back. It fits most decor styles, however we find that the back can be quite uncomfortable and dig into you if you’re sitting for long period of time.
Kitchen Chair Types - ladder back

Modern Chair

These come in a wild variety of styles but are typically made from a combination of materials, mostly metal, wood or/or plastic. If you’re looking for a unique piece of customized furniture. We can always help with that!
Kitchen Chair Types - Modern

Upholstered versus un-upholstered

Upholstered furniture is a great way to incorporate the colours and design you want your home but can be a nightmare to keep clean especially if you have kids in the house. There is an way around keeping cushions clean if you’re able to pull out the cushion part of the chair and get washable covered. This, however does not always look as sleek as a proper¬†upholstered cushion.
Kitchen chair types - upholstered chairs

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