Jamaican Style BBQ

Jamaican Style BBQ

Most people’s mouths start to water at the sound of jerk chicken – tender chicken dry rubbed or wet marinated in hot spices and ingredients like sugar, garlic, salt and thyme. This week’s blog is on a Jamaican Style BBQ!

Jerk Chicken

Originally cooked in a fire pit, jerk chicken should have a smokey flavour. This used to be achieved by cooking the chicken in a smokey fire pit but in modern days people use wood burning ovens, oil barrels or steel drums.

Here’s a recipe for jerk chicken seasoning

Jamaican Style BBQ - Jerk Chicken

Jerk Seasoned Corn on the Cob

Make extra jerk seasoning and rub it on some corn on the cob! Quick, easy and delicious!

Jamaican Style BBQ - Jerk seasoned corn on the cob


Jamaican Rice

Jamaicans call this “rice and peas”. A simple side dish of long grain rice, kidney beans and loads of flavour from lime juice, ginger and coconut milk. See recipe here.

Jamaican Style BBQ - rice and peas


Jamaican BBQ Sauce

If you like BBQ sauce you’ll LOVE Jamaican BBQ sauce! This flavoursome sauce has a bit of bacon, jalape├▒o peppers, mustard and thyme – just to give you a bit of idea of the wonderful flavours this sauce has and it only takes about 20 mins to make! Recipe for Jamaican BBQ sauce.

Jamaican Style BBQ - sauce

Don’t know about you guys but we’re feeling pretty inspired to host a Jamaican style BBQ this weekend!


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