Is your Kitchen a Bermuda Triangle? How to Keep Your Kitchen Organised

Adelaide Kitchens - How to Keep Your Kitchen Organised

Is your Kitchen a Bermuda Triangle? How to Keep Your Kitchen Organised

Kitchens are kind of like babushka dolls. In one area/room we have other compartments for
things, in those compartments we put other things and so on and so forth. We always anticipate
needing more space. More space for our things can mean more space in our heads.
When we don’t have a choice as to what size our kitchen area will be, whether it be indoor or
outdoor, we have to make do. And believe it or not in this case, less can be more.
Here we have a few simple tips and tricks to keep your kitchen space organised and flowing:

Be mindful
Be mindful.. period but when it comes to the kitchen be mindful that everything needs a spot. If
you’ve picked it up from somewhere to use, make sure it goes back there. For some people this
comes naturally, for others not so much. If you’re part of the not-so-much group. Put a little extra
care into knowing where each item’s home is.

How to keep your kitchen organised. Kitchens Adelaide

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Be logical
If your mugs are near the cleaning supplies, well, you’re in for a frustrating and potentially
hazardous time. Generally, kitchens are laid out to assist you in this. If not, do your best to have
items in their designated groups. For example, have the mugs above the coffee machine, the
toaster near the spreads and the cutlery within reach of all of this. This creates a better flow and
is more convenient.

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Be in the flow
On that note, flow in the kitchen area comes in the form of an invisible triangle. The “kitchen
work triangle” means that if you had to draw a line from your refrigerator to your stove, to your
washing up area/sink, you would have drawn a triangle. This concept is used to determine
efficient kitchen layouts that are both aesthetic and functional. Some of us do not have the
luxury of having a room that allows this triangle flow and in that case, logic as mindfulness
Leave out the packaging and condense your goods
Mason jars play a huge part in keeping an organised kitchen by keeping storage aesthetically
pleasing and in unison. This looks neater but most importantly, you’re cutting back on
unnecessary packaging. Which brings me to…

Adelaide Kitchens - How to Keep Your Kitchen Organised

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Reduce, reuse, recycle
They weren’t kidding when they came up with this. Not only for your own living situation is this
better, cleaner and actually more convenient but to be captain obvious, it does a great deal for
the environment.

Adelaide Kitchens - How to Keep Your Kitchen Organised

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At the end of the day. If everything has a well thought out, permanent place- there is less space
to fuss with and less of an area to clean.

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