How to Host the Best Christmas BBQ Brunch

How to host a Christmas BBQ brunch

How to Host the Best Christmas BBQ Brunch

How to Host the Best Christmas BBQ Brunch   

So, you’ve put your hand up to host Christmas. You thought it was a good idea at the time. But now you need to put your money where your mouth is and actually do it. Overwhelmed? We got you! Your BBQ can be the ultimate tool for the best Christmas brunch, and we can tell you how.   

Be Prepared  

We can’t stress this enough – planning ahead of time will not only make sure that the big day runs smoothly, but will alleviate any stress for you. So start early and give yourself enough time to get everything ready. Make a budget and stick to it. Write a list of all the things you have, like table settings, and what you need. Try not to stray off your list.  

How to host a Christmas BBQ brunch

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Keep It Simple  

Think Christmas is the best time to try out that complicated pork knuckle with all the trimmings? Think again. Your BBQ can turn the simplest dishes into a Christmas brunch without the effort. So choose meat that is affordable and versatile. A shoulder of lamb rubbed with rosemary is easy and delicious. And make as much as possible the night before, or even earlier.   

How to host a Christmas BBQ brunch

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You’re going to be busy enough with Christmas brunch, so don’t be afraid to delegate jobs to your guests. For example, everyone can all bring a side dish to share. Not only will this lighten your workload, but will make the day more affordable for you as well. Don’t forget to ask each of your visitors to bring different things so you don’t end up with six plates of curried eggs.   

Set Up a Kiddies’ Table  

Worried the little ones might be bored during Christmas brunch? Create a table just for them. Use craft paper as a table cloth and leave some coloured pencils. The kids can make art while the adults enjoy their meal. For something really fun, put some art and craft supplies on the table and let their imagination run wild.   

How to host a Christmas BBQ brunch

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Have Outdoor Games  

Take advantage of the Christmas weather and organise some outdoor games. Classic games like Jenga and Connect Four come in jumbo sizes and can be bought online. Or get everyone on their feet with an egg and spoon race. Just make sure to play before everyone starts on the Christmas wine!  

The Clean Up  

Everyone wants to be the perfect host, and for some, that means dealing with the clean-up alone. Christmas is not that time. Some of the best memories can come from family and friends are working together. So accept your guests’ offers of helping with the dishes and get it done quickly. This will leave you free to concentrate on other things, like hosting the best Christmas ever.  

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff  

We know you want this Christmas brunch to be the most memorable one yet, but don’t let that stress you out. Your home and food don’t have to be perfect when you’re surrounded by your closest loved ones. Remember to have fun and enjoy the day. And don’t worry about small mishaps – everyone will be enjoying themselves too much to notice. 


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