How Do I Clean My Outdoor Kitchen?

How do I clean my outdoor kitchen

How Do I Clean My Outdoor Kitchen?

How Do I Clean My Outdoor Kitchen? 

It’s the morning after the night before, and you’ve just hosted the best outdoor dinner party ever. Your once beautiful alfresco kitchen is now an absolute mess. It’s clean up time. But what’s the best way to do that? Read on to find out the best ways to tidy up your outdoor kitchen, and keep it as spotless as the day you got it. 

Stainless Steel  

Just because it’s steel, doesn’t mean it should be treated roughly. Stainless steel is coated in a thin, protective film. If that film is scratched or damaged, your gorgeous outdoor kitchen becomes suppliable to corrosion. To keep your stainless-steel lush and shiny, never cut directly onto its surface, and clean it with soapy water and a soft cloth. Don’t forget to rinse and dry properly – or you may find some unsightly water stains.

If you really want to protect your stainless-steel kitchen from the elements, consider powder coating the surfaces. Adding this extra layer will prevent rust and keeps your kitchen easy to clean. Powder coating also comes in a variety of colours, so you can have a kitchen as unique as you. 

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Your appliances, like your barbecue, get the biggest workout after an outdoor party. So it’s important to keep them clean for proper maintenance. Wait until your barbecue has cooled down before you clean it, and then scrub the grill with a wire brush. Use soapy water and a cloth to wipe off any gunk. Use this time to check your barbecue’s other components – the burners, valves and hoses. A stiff brush and some elbow grease is the best way to keep these parts neat and tidy.   

How Do I Clean my Outdoor Kitchens? 

Counter Tops

Your countertops are an essential feature to your outdoor kitchen’s look, so keeping them spotless should be a high priority. The way you clean your benchtop will depend on the material it’s made from – for example, a porous granite or stone top should be wiped down with soapy water to avoid any stains.

But the best way to keep your countertops in good nick is to add a roof over your outdoor kitchen. That way, your benches will stay clean all year round. 

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