Hidden Fridges

Hidden Fridges

I’ve worked with a few clients who want a hidden fridge. Why? Some people believe it ruins the aesthetics of a kitchen. Others have old appliances in a modern kitchen they want hidden away.  Some people just reckon hardware appliances shouldn’t be seen.  Whatever the reason – this blog showcases a couple different ways you can hide the fridge in your kitchen.

Cooler drawer

Disguise your fridge as just another drawer in your kitchen. Drawer coolers are great for water, cheeses, snacks and the smaller things that would usually go in a bulky fridge. Price range varies from $1,500 – $2,800 depending on brand, size and design. The drawer featured in this image is from Fisher & Paykel and can be found on Appliances Online. Some of these cool drawers are multi-temperatured – they cn have up to five temperature settings depending on what you want to put in there. Freezer, chill ,wine and pantry are just some of the modes these drawers can be set to allowing you full flexibility to use your drawer how you want!

Hidden Fridges - Cooler Drawer

Cooler cabinets

If you’re single or a couple, a small hidden fridge can be integrated into one of your kitchen cabinets. Bear in mind that the space will need to be specially prepared for a fridge to go in as it needs to have the right level of ventilation so it doesn’t overheat. There are some ‘how to’ guides out there on how to fix a fridge into a cabinet base if you fancy giving it a go!

Hidden Fridges - Cooler Cabinet

Wine/ drink coolers

There’s a lot of awesome, sleek wine cooling fridges and these are our favourite kind of hidden fridge! These fridges work well in your outdoor or indoor kitchen. Like the cooler drawer they come in single or multi temp with the single temp fridges coming in at around $1,500 and multi temp between $1,800 and $3,500 for something top of the range.

Hidden Fridges - Wine Cooler

Integrated hidden fridges

If you’re looking for a family sized fridge that will fit seamlessly in your kitchen there are some incredible hidden fridges to look at! An integrated fridge is designed to specifically be hidden. They have smooth lines and perfect symmetry to ensure this.

Hidden Fridges - Integrated Fridges

Standalone cabinet fridge

If you’d like a hidden fridge in your kitchen without the hassle of re-designing or re-building you can buy these really neat standalone cabinet fridges. Some are portable, some are fixed, but either way these standalone cabinets are a good place to start if you want a hidden fridge in your kitchen.

Hidden Fridges - Standalone Cabinet

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