Handleless Kitchen Pros and Cons

Handleless Kitchen Pros and Cons

Handless kitchens give a real sleek and tidy look to a kitchen but that doesn’t always mean they are practical or right for you! Here’s some info on handless drawers and cabinets and their pros and cons…


  • Perfect for a minimalist look that won’t date
  • Not having handles means nothing to catch your clothes on!
  • If it has a push to open functionality there’ll be no gaps, but rather a nice smooth surface
  • Finger pull style drawers are cost effective and not changes would need to be made to the cabinet or drawer itself like with a rail cabinet
Handleless Kitchen - drawers
  • You can fit a rail along the inside of your cabinet creating space for you to open the drawers
Handleless Kitchen - drawers


  • The spaces or ridges in the drawers can often collect dust and become hard to clean
  • Handless kitchens are generally quite costly due to specialists styles and designs required to get the cabinet or drawer fitted properly
  • They can be annoying. Sometimes it takes a few pushes or pulls before you can open the thing whereas with handles you’ll pretty much get it every time!
  • Push mechanic may open accidentally if it’s being leaned on
Handleless Kitchen

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