Getting Colour in the Kitchen

Colour in the Kitchen - Turquoise Kitchen - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

Getting Colour in the Kitchen

Traditionally, kitchens are designed with natural materials or painted in neutral colours. Black, white, beige, etc, are usually the colours of choice. While neutral colours seem like the safer option, adding a dash of colour to your kitchen can really transform the space! Depending on how brave you are, you could give your kitchen a complete make over in colour, or just add licks of paint here and there. Accessories, chairs and appliances can also add some colour to the room. Here are some awesome examples of how good colour in the kitchen can look!

A Drop of Yellow

Where: The blinds and the breakfast bar chairs.

Yellow: Freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment.

Why we love it: This is an easy and cost effective way to add colour to your kitchen without having to commit to a massive change to cabinetry or walls. The simple addition of colour in the chairs and blinds turns, what could be a pretty dull kitchen into something warm and sunny.

Colour in the Kitchen - Yellow Kitchen - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

A Shade of Blue

Where: The cabinets and splashback.

Blue: Associated with sky and sea, depth and stability. Calming.

Why we love it: Blue is beautifully bold! Here, it takes up a lot of the kitchen, but works really well. It’s inviting, fun and different. The timber and polished concrete complement the blue really well too.

Colour in the Kitchen - Blue Kitchen - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

A Dash of Red

Where: Splashback and walls.

Blue: Love, passion, fire, desire, heat and sexuality.

Why we love it: “No colour is as territorial as red. It stakes a claim.” Derek Jarman. Red is a statement colour. It’s for the fun, and brave. The contrast of the brick/plum red and candy red works well off-set by the white cabinets.  It’s an inviting kitchen, with plenty of sass for the sausages to be sizzled in!

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A Palette of Paint

Where: Cabinets and accessories.

Red, coral, orange and yellow: Joy, sunshine, happiness, success and creativity.

Why we love it: The combination of these colours screams the tropics! You can almost taste the cocktails and smell the coconut tanning oil when you look at it. Not only do these colours go really well together, but they are associated with feelings of joy, happiness, success and creativity which are fantastic emotions to kick off your day with! The hanging light looks like a coral which also works well in the unobvious tropical theme. It’s also weaved the colour red through accessories like the couch cushion, kettle, mugs and dish cloth.

Colour in the Kitchen - Tropical Kitchen - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

A Trickle of Turquoise

Where: Walls, cabinets, splashback and accessories.

Turquoise: Refreshing, calming, balance, clarity and cleanliness.

Why we love it: Aside from the fact that turquoise is my favourite colour, it provides a clean, refreshing and calming atmosphere to this kitchen. The space is my no means news, however they’ve managed to pull off a very modern look with their colour of choice. The bohemian splashback complements the walls and cabinetry well turning it into an alternative modern/boho style. The splash of yellow works well too!

Colour in the Kitchen - Turquoise Kitchen - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

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