Fire Pit Building Materials

Fire Pit Building Materials

Fire Pit Building Materials

Picking up from last week, let’s check out some fire pit building materials. Remember for all these options to contact your local utility provider to ensure there are no utility lines in the area you want to dig out for your pit!

Traditional Brick

Brick as a fire pit building material is not the prettiest but it works! Building a brick fire place is moderately complex as you’ll require some brick laying skills to get it built. You’re looking at anything up to AUD500*depending on how large you want the pit. Firebrick is preferred as clay brick can crack under high temperatures.

*this is only an estimation and this price should not be quoted

Outdoor Fire Pit Building Materials


Although the core of the fire pit is usually built with brick, finishing it off with stone makes for a more homely fire pit. It’s a little more work but is much easier on the eyes!  We recommend spraying the inside  with black stove paint.

Fire Pit Building Materials


These fire pit building material is great for that rustic look. There are loads of portable metal fire pits on the market – some simple and some lasered with beautiful designs. Metal can be a bit of a safety hazard as it gets exceedingly hot but this material does weather well and is very strong and relatively inexpensive in comparison with other fire pit building materials.

Fire Pit Building Materials

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel fire pits can be more aesthetically appealing than a metal one. It’s low maintenance and will only require occasional cleaning. It’s also light in weight so can be moved around if need be.

Fire Pit Building Materials

We really love outdoor fire pits. Who wouldn’t love these? But there are pros and cons to having a fire pit in your outdoor area…


  • Attractive touch to your outdoor area
  • Great for atmosphere (think wine and marshmallow roasting)


  • Can be a fire hazard!
  • If you have a gas fire pit you need to make sure you are stocked up with gas. (Warning: you’d need to call up your local council for gas fire pit approval)

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