Winter Party

Winter Dinner Party Ideas

Cold weather shouldn’t keep you away from your outdoor area. Why not challenge yourself to host a winter dinner party? Here are some ideas to inspire you… Mulled Wine No… Read more »

Custom Made Furniture

Rickety tables, wobbly chairs, faded cushions, moudly wicker – all these things might ring a bell if you have furniture in your outdoor area. It’s easy to fall into the… Read more »

Splashback Materials

7 Great Splashback Materials

Picking the right material for your splashback can be overwhelming. So we’ve come up with 7 great splashback materials to consider for your kitchen… 1.Polished Concrete Polished concrete is a sleek and… Read more »

Kitchen Drawer Design

Kitchen Drawer Ideas

In February we posted a blog on Outdoor Kitchen Design and one of the factors we suggested you consider is what you intend to store in your kitchen. When it comes to effective… Read more »

Argentinian Style BBQ

Argentinian Style BBQ (Asado)

Argentinian BBQs or Asados have some unique and delicious dishes. A “traditional” Asado is a specific way of grilling meat. It involves using coals and firewood and tending to the meat to… Read more »

Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor Heaters For This Winter

With winter just around the corner you might want to think about what outdoor heating solutions you have set to see you through the season. There are loads of options when… Read more »

Teppanyaki Cooking

We’re always looking for new ways to make our kitchens unique and stylish and we found the perfect way to showcase this through our Teppanyaki grill installations. Teppanyaki grills are… Read more »