Beverage Cooler Ideas

Beverage Cooler Ideas

With Spring upon us and the weather slowly warming up we thought we’d post some awesome beverage cooler ideas so you can get yourself ready for the sunny season! Cowboy… Read more »

Fire Pit Building Materials

Fire Pit Building Materials

Picking up from last week, let’s check out some fire pit building materials. Remember for all these options to contact your local utility provider to ensure there are no utility lines in… Read more »

Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits are trending across Australia right now and you can see why! Fire pits are a great feature for outdoor areas and create an intimate and nostalgic ambiance… Read more »

Cooktop types

Cooktop Types

No kitchen is complete without a cooktop that suits your cooking needs and style. But what cooktops are out there? And what’s the difference between them? Here is a basic… Read more »

Kitchen Power Point Planning

Clients often ask us how to go about planning power points placement in a kitchen. Here are some kitchen power point planning tips just for you! Start with the big… Read more »

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Mini Grills for Urban Barbeques

Not everyone has the space for an outdoor kitchen, but most people will have space for these mini grills! They’re perfect for urban living – apartments or units that don’t… Read more »

Jarrah Garden Seating

Bench Seating for Your Outdoor Area

Bench seating has become increasingly popular as home planners look for better ways to create a more intimate feel for their outdoor areas. Here are some bench seating ideas and benefits that… Read more »