Kitchen mirrors - cabinets

Kitchen Mirrors

Vain or genius design? We say genius design! Kitchen mirrors are a hot trend at the moment. Not only can they make your kitchen look bigger but they can also reflect… Read more »

Pizza Oven Types - wood-burning oven

Pizza Oven Types

Pizza has been a popular food since the 18th century when the people of Naples began adding tomato to flat bread. Since then pizza has become a well love food in… Read more »

Kitchen Island Types - cooking

Kitchen Island Types

The kitchen is probably one of the more difficult areas of the home to design and if you’re keen on having a kitchen island it’s worth knowing the different types… Read more »

Kitchen Office Ideas

Working from home is a big thing in today’s modern world but without a clear work space it can become tricky to focus. Here are some ideas of home offices… Read more »

Kitchen Chair Types - Modern

Kitchen Chair Types

Picking the right chairs for your kitchen or dining table is really important to make sure your decision suits your style and comfort. Here is a list of common kitchen… Read more »

New Year’s Eve Outdoor Party Tips

If you’re planning on celebrating the New Year in your outdoor area, check out these New Year’s Eve Outdoor Pary tips to ensure your outdoor area is comfortable for you… Read more »

Christmas BBQ Ideas - turkey

Christmas BBQ Ideas

Why not do something different this Christmas and host a Christmas BBQ?  Think festive punch, scented candles, fairy lights and delicious marinated meats to share with your loved ones. Here… Read more »

Spice Storage Ideas - hanging rail

Spice Storage Ideas

We’ve posted a few blogs on how to keep your home and kitchen organised in the past but this week’s blog is all about how to keep your spice rack/storage… Read more »

Top Tips for Organising a Party

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with organising a get together so we’ve put together some top tips for organising a party… 1. Mix and match Don’t be scared to mix… Read more »