Hawaiian Luau Style BBQ - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

Hawaiian Luau Style BBQ

It’s been a while since we’ve shared a blog about BBQ styles from around the world. In case you missed out, check out how the Jamaicans, South Africans, and ‘Argentines without… Read more »

Pizza Oven Types - wood-burning oven

Pizza Oven Types

Pizza has been a popular food since the 18th century when the people of Naples began adding tomato to flat bread. Since then pizza has become a well love food in… Read more »

Jamaican Style BBQ

Most people’s mouths start to water at the sound of jerk chicken – tender chicken dry rubbed or wet marinated in hot spices and ingredients like sugar, garlic, salt and… Read more »

South African Style BBQ - Boerewors

South African Style BBQ (braai)

It’s been a while since we posted a foodie blog, so we thought we’d share some ideas for a South African style BBQ or braai (pronounced like fry)… The word… Read more »

Outdoor Kitchen Fridges

Outdoor Kitchen Fridges

With temperatures reaching as high as the forties in summer and chances of chilly winters it’s important to find an outdoor fridge that can handle drastic temperatures (as well as frequent… Read more »

Beverage Cooler Ideas

Beverage Cooler Ideas

With Spring upon us and the weather slowly warming up we thought we’d post some awesome beverage cooler ideas so you can get yourself ready for the sunny season! Cowboy… Read more »

Gas For Your BBQ: LPG vs Natural Gas

Choosing the right gas for your BBQ is important. LPG and natural gas are used in various appliances within Aussie homes, but what’s the difference? LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or bottled gas… Read more »