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Green Kitchens – 50 Shades of Green

The colour green first and foremost means life, nature and harmony. Green is a refreshing colour that represents growth, safety and fertility. It’s no wonder people are choosing green as… Read more »

Paint colours that are on-trend

4 on-trend paint colours right now

Choosing a colour to paint your walls is a pretty big decision, and not just because there are SO many colours to choose from. Colours can influence and impact your… Read more »

Ways to make your apartment look bigger

5 Ways to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

I personally like the challenge of finding ways to make a space bigger, better, greener and after decorating spaces for the past five years I’ve found these 7 ways to make your apartment… Read more »

DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

Outdoor showers remind me of holidays. This got me thinking. Could having an outdoor shower at home make me feel like I’m having a mini-holiday every morning? If there’s any… Read more »

Natural cleaning products

The truth about natural cleaning products

The truth about natural cleaning products With society becoming more aware of the positive impacts of choosing green at home and in the workplace, it’s no wonder ‘natural cleaning’ has… Read more »

Small laundry ideas laundry renovation

Small Laundry Ideas

In a perfect world, we’d all have a big and spacious laundry with plenty of room to clean, dry, iron and fold. But it turns out that small laundries can… Read more »