Awkward Kitchen Corner Ideas

Awkward Kitchen Corner Ideas

That awkward kitchen corner. Most of us have one and aren’t sure what to do with it. Of course it could always be used for cupboard space but we’ve found some creative kitchen corner ideas to make the most out of your ¬†awkward kitchen corners.

Eating Space

Re-vamp the kitchen corner into an eating space. Why not up-cycle some old furniture into a kitchen corner seating area and throw in a table for the perfect eat-in space?

Kitchen Corner Ideas - Eating Space

Clever Cupboard Space

Deep drawers and lazy Susan’s are a great way to make better use of that awkward corner space. If storage space is problem then this idea will make your cupboard space go a bit further.

Kitchen Corner Ideas - deep drawers


Display Cabinet

Use the kitchen corner to put up a cabinet or shelves to host some decorative items to add some character to your kitchen.

Kitchen Corner Ideas - display cabinet

Office Space

Use the kitchen corner to create a mini office or study nook. Check out more ideas for kitchen office space here

Kitchen Corner Ideas - kitchen office

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are quick and easy to put up and can be used as storage for decor or just in case you need them!

Kitchen Corner Ideas - floating shelves

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