Australian Outdoor Dining – Why the Popularity?

Outdoor living area for outdoor dining

Australian Outdoor Dining – Why the Popularity?

People have always enjoyed a good BBQ; beautiful sunny weather just seems to almost demand it. Food cooked outside, in the fresh air, just seems to taste so much better than when cooked in a conventional kitchen.

The climate, and the great Aussie tradition of entertaining friends and family over the weekend, are the two major reasons behind the increasing popularity of this trend of outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor kitchens make it easier for you to entertain your guests, without being creatively restricted by a traditional BBQ, in an outdoor environment while still enjoying the convenience and comfort of being at home.

A custom outdoor kitchen will also add value to your property and can have everything a regular indoor kitchen has including a fridge, dishwasher, ice machine, pizza oven, sink and, yes, a BBQ.

Outdoor fridge can be added to your outdoor kitchen

For the full experience, you can also choose all of those little extras too such as extra storage, coffee machine, wine fridges etc.

The welcoming aroma of cooking meats wafting through the air is one of the most pleasant things imaginable. How many times have you walked past a takeaway or restaurant, and have your mouth water as the scents tickle your nose?

No matter what is cooking, it always seems more inviting outside.

Smoke and vapours, when cooking outside, are dissipated into the air and leave your home odour free, which makes the food taste even better (sitting down to a nice sunday dinner, when you can still smell boiling cabbage, isn’t ideal is it?).

Creativity blossoms in the great outdoors, as the adventurer in all of us comes out to play so do our food artistry hats; or so we like to believe.

Add to this, the fact that most Australians love a good BBQ during the summer and spring months, the rise in popularity of the full fledged outdoor kitchen is not that big of a leap.

The versatility of the outdoor kitchen, and the wide range of dishes that are able to be cooked, appeals to just about every outdoor chef.

The BBQ is a fantastic bit of kit, and many opt to have a custom built one included in their outdoor kitchen, but it can be a little restrictive.

Not only is there a limit to the kind of food that can be cooked, but many people find that they are only able cook outdoors a few months of the year.

With outdoor kitchens, however, the chilly winter months need not be a barrier. It is really easy to create a cosy space outdoors with your custom built outdoor kitchen, and especially so with a fireplace and heater.

Add an outdoor fireplace to your outdoor kitchen.

We are all familiar with the snug, warm feeling we get when there is a gale blowing outside as we warm our toes by the fireside, mug of steaming cocoa in hand.

Why should that amazing feeling be restricted to the indoors as you tuck into a homemade meal with your friends and family?

Sitting at your new outdoor dining table, in a heated kitchen with a fireplace at the side of you while you entertain your guests is one of the most glorious feelings a host can ever wish to have.

It is no wonder that outdoor dining in Australia is gaining in popularity, even in the winter months.

People are naturally more at ease in the outdoors, and adventure is something that appeals to all of us. Everybody loves the idea of camping, and ‘roughing it’ – even if they do not like actually doing it.

The sense of adventure that lives in all of us is tweaked by the idea of outdoor living, and while most are unwilling to turn in their keys and grab a tent, an immense feeling of freedom can be gained by going the outdoor room route.

We all like to feel closer to nature sometimes, which is why we have back yards in the first place when you think about it, and entertaining outdoors is just a natural extension of that.

Think of how popular outdoor events are, versus those contained within four walls. Open air concerts have been around almost since the dawn of man, in one form or another, and the fact that they are more popular now than ever speaks volumes about how important it is to us to connect with one another outdoors in the fresh air.

Communal dining is one of the times that a groups of friends, family, neighbours and acquaintances are able to share ideas and experiences while having fun at the same time.

There is something almost therapeutic about the whole experience that cannot be replicated any other way.

The rise in popularity of custom built outdoor kitchens is not surprising. What is surprising, however, is that it took so long for it to catch on in a country made famous for its great outdoors and love of outdoor cooking.

Outdoor dining is an extension of your room

Outdoor rooms are a natural extension of the house, bringing the home and garden closer together to create a single living space. Instead of building extensions onto their homes, in order to create more usable space, many people opt instead to make use of the space already available.

This makes a lot of sense, and can actually be cheaper than just throwing up walls and a ceiling to achieve the same effect as building outdoor rooms such as an outdoor kitchen.

Seasonal changes need not be a barrier, and as already mentioned the winter months can become much more inviting with a cosy outdoor fireplace to gather around while you pull a Christmas cracker with your significant other over the carved turkey.

Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens can provide all you could ever wish for in your outdoor cooking area, and then some.

Creating memories, forging new friendships and cementing old ones is what entertaining is all about. Outdoor dining is an experience to behold, especially if you already enjoy the outdoors. And, if your friends are always wandering outside to admire your garden, they will be able to do it in true style and comfort.

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