A Christmas Ready Kitchen – Getting Your Kitchen Prepared for the Holidays

Christmas Ready Kitchen - Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

A Christmas Ready Kitchen – Getting Your Kitchen Prepared for the Holidays

A Christmas Ready Kitchen – Getting Your Kitchen Prepared for the Holidays

 The silly season is here, meaning that many of us will be slaving away in the kitchen while our families crowd around. And while it may be a delight to have family so close, no one wants a human traffic jam while you’re trying to cook Christmas lunch. The kitchen is often the busiest place in the home during Christmas. So how can you get it ready for the big day?

Take It Outside

Why spend all day inside? Take advantage of the Australian weather and incorporate your outdoor space with your indoor kitchen. Not only will this allow more room for guests, but could halve your cooking time as well. Have an outdoor kitchen or a BBQ? Perfect! Dad can man the grill outside while Grandma keeps her eye on the potatoes inside. And if you can’t combine the two areas, consider installing a bi-folding window in the kitchen, or creating a simple pathway.

Keep Those Benches Clear

It may sound simple enough, but keeping your kitchen benches clear from clutter is a vital step in Christmas preparation. Not only will you need enough space to prepare food, but to serve it as well. Of course, your family are going to want to join in – so consider creating a space where they can help without having to enter the kitchen. Don’t have long enough benches? A multi-purpose movable unit can help. Look for one on wheels and the same height as your benches, so it can act as an extension.

Go With The Flow

Your kitchen is busy at the best of times, but Christmas can make it feel chaotic. Maintain calm in the kitchen and think about the traffic flow – where will people come in and out? Can you create different points of entry and exit so family can come and go without feeling crowded? And place things that will be used often away from the busiest part of the kitchen. That way, your guests can grab what they need without getting under your feet.

Act Posh and Get a Butler (Pantry, That Is)

As nice as it would be, not everyone can have their very own butler for Christmas. So why not have the next best thing – a butler’s pantry! A butler’s pantry is a great way to store the things you won’t need for the day, as well as to hide any mess from your Christmas lunch. Don’t have one? No problem! Even a small walk-in pantry can be converted into a butler’s pantry. Or you can section off a small part of your kitchen. This way, you can keep your kitchen clean and clear for the day’s festivities.

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