7 Great Splashback Materials

Splashback Materials

7 Great Splashback Materials

Picking the right material for your splashback can be overwhelming. So we’ve come up with 7 great splashback materials to consider for your kitchen…

1.Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a sleek and unique material to use for your splashback. It’s easy to install and works well in outdoor kitchens. Polished concrete can also be coloured which allows for a bit more variety. Unlike stainless steel and glass, concrete doesn’t show marks easily which means it’s low maintenance when it comes to cleaning.

Outdoor Kitchen with a Side Burner

2. Tiles/Mosaic

Tiles are highly resistant to chemicals and tend to suit a range of styles and budgets. One of the downsides to tile splashbacks is keeping the grout clean and also the process of waterproofing the grout. If you have the budget for it and want to bring some creativity to your kitchen you can use mosaic tiles.

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3. Painted Glass

Glass as a splashback material is suited to most styles from modern to traditional. It’s easy to wipe down but can get grubby looking if not cleaned frequently.

Splashback Materials

4. Pressed Metal

Pressed metal is attractive for several reasons. It’s cost effective, quick and easy to install, easy to clean and comes in a range of designs and patterns that can be customised and painted too.

Contemporary Kitchen with a Concrete Counter Top and Timber Cabinets

 5. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a beautiful, clean and modern choice. It does however have a tendency to get dirty quite quickly. Marks really stand out against the sleek, reflective surface.

As seen on Outdoor Landscape Design

6. Stone

Granite and Marble are some of the sexiest splashback materials out there. These smooth, easy to clean materials are good for a modern looking kitchen and eliminate those grout lines you’ll get if you have use tile. They’re also highly heat resistant.

As seen on Caesarstone

7. Man Made or Engineered Stone

Stone as a splashback material is a good choice if you’re looking to achieve a natural look in your kitchen. Caesarstone and Essastone come in a selection of colours and are also easy to clean and durable.

White Polished Concrete Worktops

Do you have a splashback in your kitchen? Leave a comment with your ideal splashback material. To see more of our work check out our Houzz page or contact us here.

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